You can’t push a car from the inside

With these words, the management consultant Jobst Fiedler once summed up very vividly that it usually takes a sober, unbiased look, an impulse from outside, to help a distorted thing gain new momentum. Regardless of whether it is a complex company as a whole or a single, temporary project. Often, the narrow perspective on the familiar, the ever-been-there and its supposedly immutable evidences and routines obscures a clear view of the actual situation. People like to say "We’ve always done this way", "You don’t have to reinvent the bike!", "What was right yesterday can’t be wrong today” or something more stylish: “Never change a running system/a winning team."

We would like to invite you to consult with you on the situation in order to examine your existing capacities, explore your business options and, finally, expand your economic prospects. So that things that are in danger of stalling or are already stuck (or need a little push) can regain momentum. This allows a process that is as enjoyable as it is dynamic and proactive to begin.

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