There is hardly any company that does without the need for ongoing employee training. New techniques, new equipment, new processes etc. require continuous in-house training. So far — so well known.

Furthermore, it is important to anchor the defined individual requirements regarding the company’s behaviour as well as the company’s communication and culture (the so-called corporate behaviour, corporate communication and corporate culture) in the company’s personnel appearance and to constantly review and optimize them further. A company that advertises to be particularly friendly, low-threshold and close to customers, but whose customers then have to deal with an overloaded, understaffed and insufficiently qualified customer hotline, acts contradictory and is perceived accordingly, in the worst case as unbelievable. Here, too, employee training at all necessary levels must be applied consistently in order to ensure a rigorous corporate presentation.

As an entrepreneur or HR manager, you also know the value of your position as a credible and attractive employer. How are you and your company or organisation perceived by your employees, potential employees and the general public and does this external image reflect your self-image, your intentions? If not (or if you are not sure), consider employer branding issues. A strong brand as an employer makes it easier to recruit employees, strengthens employee loyalty and commitment to performance of your employees — and indirectly improves the company image and thus, at the end of the day, your business result or your brand value. We will be happy to support you in this regard as well.