You cannot not communicate ..

The philosopher and communication theorist Paul Watzlawik states that one cannot “non-communicate” because communication is behavior and it is impossible not to behave. So even if you think you are doing nothing, you're communicating — in that particular case by doing nothing. And that can be devastating on a case-by-case basis, because literally everything "speaks".

We humans communicate permanently in all our conscious and unconscious, planned, but also in our involuntary or undirected utterances — and we do this just as continuously as economic actors. First of all, to sharpen our eyes is the first step towards a stringent and coherent (and that means, above all, non-contradictory) communication strategy.

Unlike information, communication does not know a strict separation between sender and receiver, but rather, — arises as a sublime "below-the-line" communication — in a dialogical process. This is all the more important as the era of mass markets is largely a thing of the past. The target groups — and its fragmented segments — are getting smaller, more fleeting, and more demanding; they want to be wooed.

Here, digital media have become the dominant medium of choice, not only when it comes to speed and target group accuracy. Together with you, we will be happy to design a general internet and social media marketing strategy, develop your webshop activities, and use targeted search engine optimization to ensure that you are found securely and preferentially on the net.

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