Above the Line

Informing your clientele is a classic, traditional advertising approach; it is also called “above-the-line” communication. You have developed a service or a product and are now going to advertise your offer on different channels in the marketplace. These can be tried and tested print media, such as newspaper advertisements and supplements, PR articles in magazines, posters and large-scale displays, catalogues, brochures, etc. But also classic radio media and modern digital channels, e. g. with radio or TV spots, banner placements, etc. , as well as — last not least — public relations measures, such as event sponsoring, sports promotion etc.

Information is certainly not everything in the marketing process, but one’s own reputation on the market is undeniably the conditio-sine-qua-non without which all communication is empty.

Together with you, we design your marketing strategy or take over your campaign planning – online or offline.

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