Ski races are decided in summer ..

.. Swiss winter sportsman Peter Müller once said. And what is striking evidence for winter sports is no less true for the business world. In other words, the marketing plan for the coming year is written today, the collection for the coming season is designed today, produced tomorrow and presented exactly at the point of sale the day after tomorrow. Like a good chess player, you as an economic player must always plan several moves in advance and always keep an eye on the activities of the other players in the market, anticipating the steps of your competitors.

We will be happy to support you. Based on your intentions or your business strategy, we will work together to develop a concrete step-by-step approach, a tactical marketing mix of classic analogue or digital B2C or B2B activities.

Face the rough seas of your market. Get active. A ship, as we know in Kiel, is the safest in the harbor, but after all your ship is not designed to stay in the harbor. Is that right?

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